Hungarians have more and less confidence in the European Union and less and less in their government

Hungarians have more and less confidence in the European Union and less and less in their government

Almost half (49%) of Europeans trust the European Union, a 6% increase since the last survey last summer and the highest since the spring of 2008. writes Based on the latest Eurobarometer survey. Trust in national governments (36 percent) and national parliaments (35 percent) has declined, although both remained higher than in the fall of 2019.

39 percent of surveyed Hungarians tend to trust, and 56 percent tend to distrust Orban’s government. Compared to last summer, confidence declined by seven percent and mistrust increased by eight percent (there is an option not to answer, too).

In the European Union, on the other hand, Hungarians trust it 10 percent better than the EU average, 59 percent. This represents an increase of six percent from last year. Only 36 percent of those surveyed said they did not trust the union.

According to the majority of Hungarians, health is currently the most important national issue, followed by the cost of living and the third by the economic situation. Only seven percent said immigration was among the biggest concerns.

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