Hungarians go for it! Hungarian men’s water polo team can improve against the United States in the World Aquatic Cup

After losing 11-10 to Italy in the quarter-finals on Wednesday evening, and with the defeat decided the Hungarian men’s water polo team would not win a medal at the World Aquatics Championships in Budapest, the Tamas Marks crew finished 5-8. You can play for a place in the sequel.

In the first match of the qualifiers, our men’s jerseys compete with the US national team at the Alfréd Hajós Sports Pool in Margitsziget.

The captain of the national team Tamas Marques believes that although the defeat in the quarter-finals against the Italians affected the team, it is possible to motivate the players to take the fifth place.

Captain Tamas Marks plays in the men’s water polo World Championship quarterfinals during the match break between Hungary and Italy at the Alfréd Hajós Nemzeti Sports Pool in Margitsziget on June 29, 2022 (Photo: MTI/Tibor Ellis)

Friday 1 July:

9:00 p.m. – Water polo (placeholder, Vfor eighth place)

  • Hungary – United States (men)

10:00 am Women’s vault (3m) qualifiers
4:00 pm Women’s vault (3m) semi-finals
19:00 – 10pm Mixed synchronized jump, final

M4 Sport and broadcast the World Cup competitions live.

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