Hungarians are still unable to enter Serbia without an employer's test or certificate

Hungarians are still unable to enter Serbia without an employer’s test or certificate

Almost 5% of the Serbian population has already been vaccinated with one of the Coronavirus vaccines. At present, the Russian ambassador has informed about the plan to produce the Sputnik V vaccine in Serbia.

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Serbia has gained a special advantage, according to aggregate data, ahead of all European Union countries in terms of population vaccination. According to the Financial Times, the UK leads Europe, followed by Serbia in second place. It ranks seventh in the world ranking.

Photo: Financial Times

The Chinese Sinopharm vaccine has been used as rain in Serbia, and the Hungarian government is also planning to introduce it. According to the latest data, 375,000 people have been vaccinated in Serbia so far.

Miroslav Lazansky, Serbia’s ambassador to Russia, announced that a Russian delegation will arrive in Serbia this weekend to check conditions for local production of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine, Bannon writes for RTV.

It is still not possible to cross the Serbian border from Hungary without a coronavirus test or employer certificate.

Exceptions to the restrictions are Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Montenegro, as they can enter Serbia without submitting a PCR test. The Hungarian League in Vojvodina, President Istvan Bachtor, was pressing for easier conditions for crossing the Hungarian-Serbian border.

In Hungary, the traveler subsidy is still in effect.

Hungarian citizens who left the country for no more than 24 hours and did not move more than 30 kilometers from the border are free to enter the country. Likewise, citizens of neighboring countries and Hungarian citizens who live there can enter Hungary for a maximum period of 24 hours and 30 kilometers.

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According to Thursday’s data, 328 injured people were recorded in the past 24 hours in the northern part of neighboring Serbia, Vojvodina, which is 50 less than the previous day’s data.

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