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Hungarian wrestling champions were greeted with applause

Hungarian wrestling champions were greeted with applause

Hungarian wrestling champions were welcomed into the Tokyo Olympics on Wednesday as part of a large-scale celebration, including gold medalist Tamas Lorenz and silver medalist Victor Lorenz.

Pal Schmidt, a Hungarian member of the International Olympic Committee, noted that sixty percent of the members of the Hungarian wrestling delegation returned to Japan in an event called Wrestling Fieszta 2021, organized by the Hungarian Association (MBSZ) and held at István Kuzma Wrestling Academy of Hungary (Kemba) in Sibyl.

He congratulated the ex-president, “You exposed yourself,” and then drew attention to the fact that the Lorenz brothers, who have achieved great success in Tokyo, have so far spent more than half their lives on the wrestling mat. Schmidt added that wrestling, as one of the oldest sports in the Olympics, is becoming more modern and more understandable and judging has become more fair.

Finally, talk about not forgetting the professionals and educators who are successful competitors.

In his speech, Tzilard Nemeth, President of Mohammed bin Salman, emphasized that the “clinging” and cooperation that prevailed in Hungarian wrestling was the secret of the fact that the 20th Olympic gold medal for the sport was born on the centenary of the founding of the federation.

“If everyone comes together, we can be very successful. We can prove that Hungarian sport is one of the most important and successful parts of Hungarian culture, and one of its jewels is Hungarian wrestling.”– Szilard Nemeth stated, then thanked the Hungarian government for treating sport as a national affair and a strategic sector.

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Jiuzu Urban, Head of Wrestling at Budapest Honved, confirmed that Tamas Lorenz and Victor performed a miracle by standing on the podium as brother and sister in an individual sport, at the same Olympics.

He noted that “so many little things have to come together for this, to which everyone has added their own.”

According to Csaba Hegedűs, Olympic champion of Munich, and former president of the association, it is simply impossible to find words for Lőrinczék and Alex Szke’s findings about the world of Tokyo.

Then, members of the Hungarian wrestling delegation in Tokyo were invited onto the stage one by one, from Judge Szabolcs Pán in Péter Bacsa, Vice President of MBSZ to Federal Fixed Wrestling coach, András Sike. This was followed by the contestants, Mariana Sastine, the biggest salute of course that accompanied the Lorenz brothers on stage.

The applause lasted for long minutes, as hundreds – including a few wrestling seedlings – stood to celebrate gold medalist Tamas and silver medalist Victor, who can relive Tokyo’s memorable moments on screen.

Tamas Lorentz told how his brother Victor gave him the strength to carry on after the failed Rio Olympics, and the latter spoke of now feeling like he won a silver medal rather than losing an Olympic final. It was called a dream to be able to see Olympic medals around each other’s necks.

All that was said about the near future is that in the coming weeks they will try to comply with all calls to promote wrestling among young people, and as of the week of August 22, they will be engaged only in hunting.

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A highlight of the event, Tamas Lorenz’s portrait was inscribed in the Portrait Hall of the Hungarian Olympic Champions, and the inn that bears his name was taken over by the former Olympic champion, including Nation Athlete Janos Varga, Attila Rybka and Peter Frkatul.

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