Hungarian women’s national football team quarter-finals in Budapest –

Hungarian women’s rugby team finished third in their group on Friday with a win and two defeats, so in Saturday’s quarter-finals, their favorite England will meet in the second round of the second division (cup) division of the European Championship in Budapest.

Many people view rugby week, though, as more exciting than their pair of fifteen – the game is faster, matches are more varied, and viewers can see some scoring action almost every minute. Not to mention the amazing moment when two players threw their team high to catch the ball. They’re used to puffing as the norm, but anything can happen in a week of rugby: a pass ball, poor fitness or a hard crash can also defeat an absolutely favorite team. Therefore, in addition to the strengths of rugby (New Zealand, Australia, England, Scotland and Wales), national teams that are not considered a national sport dating back to 1883 may be successful.

Ninety-two years later, rugby is back on the program, but instead of the traditional fifteen-year version, the seventeen were chosen by the judges of the International Olympic Committee. Zeina Sports may have resulted in the recording in Tokyo, because captain of the Hungarian national team, Gareth Lloyd, talked about it in our Friday edition, Rugby Like a Disco. If last year’s matches had been held in front of spectators, tens of thousands would have gone to the stadium, since the statistics of the past ten years show that in a major tournament (Olympic cycle), fans will fill thirty thousand stadiums smoothly, and all three days in the World Cup.

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Those who want to experience that atmosphere – in the smaller arenas for now – have no choice but to go to the Budapest Rugby Center in Kinsem Park this weekend, where the European Rugby Championship (Cup) will take place the second week from Friday to Sunday. The fights began with the women’s group matches on Friday.

We started the tournament against the Swedes, but they rarely managed to get into the opponent’s goal area, so after the first seven minutes, the Northerners led 12-0, and the difference continued until the end – Vítez Georgina scored in the last seconds, i.e. 17-5 That was enough to defeat. We have almost no chance of playing against one of the best teams in Europe and Portugal, and we’ve had a big defeat according to the paper format (43-7).

Our day ended with a win: 31-5 A blow to Moldova.

On Saturday, our men’s national team will also start the European Championship.

2nd Division, 7th Riga Championship, Treasure Garden
Women. Group match, Group C. Portugal – Moldova 36-0; Sweden – Hungary 17-5; Portugal-Hungary 43-7; Sweden and Moldova 15-5; Portugal and Sweden 19-12; Hungary and Moldova 5-31

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