Hungarian women play with the Dutch in Engi’s hands

With Australia winning against South Africa, the Hungarian women’s water polo player will play the Netherlands on Tuesday at 11.20 Hungarian time in the Tokyo Olympics quarter.

With our defeat to Kanna in the morning, we had to wait until early to see who would be Attila’s opponent in the quarter. There was really no real question, as the Austrians had to beat a South African who had barely won a match in the previous three matches, let alone scored a point – zero points, 6-83 points.

The Austrians finally won with confidence 14-1, taking second place in the group for Spain, followed by the Netherlands for Canada and fourth for Canada. In Group B, the second Hungarian team will meet the Netherlands in the quarter, which according to the players and managers is the most important match of the tournament, which the winning master can certainly play.

Rebecca Parks, Dorja Szilge, Rita Kisthely and Dream Letter (BJ) The Hungarian team won 17-13 and secured a place in the top eight. MTI / Ellis TiborFurres: MTI / Ellis Tibor

Hungarian women fought for the last Olympics for the chrome and got into the best hands, but they always fell behind on the podium.

Prostate Quarter (August 3)
Spanichorszeg – Kanna
Hungary – Netherlands (from 11.20)
Australia – Russia national team
United States – Canada

Az eldntk Prosta:
Spain / Kanna – Hungary / Netherlands
Australia / Russia – USA / Canada

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