Hungarian TV presenter Andrea Petrovics Meri talks about her five children

Hungarian TV presenter Andrea Petrovics Meri talks about her five children

Andrea Petrofix Merry, Sports reporter for MTVA In fact, he trained to become a physical education teacher, graduated from university, taught, and then always And anyway he wanted to deal with sports, his favorite sports broadcasting, having finished correspondent school, sometime at the end of 1996, submitted his application to television, to the Telesport editorial office.which was then legendary Jenny Kenzi drove. After the debut, he moved to one of the commercial television stations. Since 2007, he has once again strengthened the ranks of public television.

Of course, my career began with athletics, and then men’s sports. Professional boxing and soccer. Fortunately, TF gave me a good grounding, and I didn’t get lost in the midst of different sports.

His father is Laszlo Meri, the former captain of the athletes. What did she say when faced with the fact that her daughter had become a sports reporter?
– Since I already had – in the words of my father – an ordinary profession, he helped me in everything.

While he works a lot, hardly a day goes by that he does not appear on TV, while also solving another important task for decades. They raise five children with their husbands, water polo coach Matthias Petrofix.
We didn’t have time to get bored, that’s for sure. I also admit that he wouldn’t have gone alone. I needed the family background, my husband, my parents. However, almost four of them are adults. Mattie is now finishing his studies in Corvinus, Vanda and Mark are preparing for their college years, and Kenja is about to graduate. The youngest, a penny, is in the fifth grade. Of course they do sports, they do sports. For example, Vanda was a figure skater, Kenga was a water polo player for the youth national team, and Pence, perhaps not by chance, fell in love with water polo. Adults also swim competitively.

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As a woman, she is one of, if not the most popular broadcaster, reporter according to TV viewers…
If so, I am very happy with that. I can describe myself as lucky, because I also have sports that are watched and followed by a lot of people, and I can say that they are the most popular among the masses. This is also the case with football. Years ago, there were more and more female announcers during the broadcast of football matches on TV, I would like to think that this is no longer a topic.

What task awaits Andrea Petrovics-Mérei in the near future?
I have a lot of assignments waiting for me in the fall too, for example, I will study again at the National University of Public Service, where Future journalist and media editor I will help prepare colleagues for our profession. The application period ends in a few days and at this time I always have some kind of anticipation that I will meet with a prominent sports journalist in the future. For my professional sports work, I will soon be reporting on the European Championships from Munich, where about 4,700 athletes from 50 countries will compete in nine Olympic sports in a total of 177 events. I will follow the European Athletics Championships and do the interviews. Then come the autumn matches of the Hungarian national football team and the World Cup in Qatar at the end of the year.

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