Méregdrága lett a brit felsőoktatás: inkább ezekbe az országokba mennek a magyar diákok

Hungarian students prefer to go to these countries

Due to Brexit, tuition fees were no longer available at British universities, so Hungarian students considering further study abroad were looking for new destinations.

According to the latest statistics, the number of Hungarian students enrolled in British universities has decreased. Idolin writes that, starting in September, first year Hungary will be rare. The reason can be traced back to Brexit: the UK’s Minister of Higher Education announced in June that from the 2021/2022 academic year, first-year students from EU countries will not receive or be able to receive tuition fee reductions. British student loan.

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Until now, Hungarian students at institutions of higher education in England and Wales had to pay the same reduced tuition fees as British students – the maximum amount for core courses was 9000-9250 pounds, or three and a half million forint. According to an article written by Eduline, although the amount of tuition fees varies from institution to institution and major, current international tuition fees (paid by non-British and non-European students) are between £ 10-26,000 per year, or between four and ten million forint.

At the Milestone Institute in Hungary, they felt there was more interest in the United States this year. Whereas last year, six percent of their graduates applied to an American university, and this year, one in four students applied for admission, and more than forty percent of students from next year’s class planned to enroll in a US institution of higher education. However, the primary destination for students has become the Netherlands, but Denmark and Ireland are also popular.

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