Hungarian stars have arrived at Canadian scout camp

Hungarian stars have arrived at Canadian scout camp

– On the shore of the lake, competitors are housed in tents, mobile buildings are being erected, and the logistics are not solved either, because the distance between the boats, the finish line and our tent is hundreds of meters. We already had a problem with catering at the property, but it was resolved in the meantime, but the food brought to the tents on the track is a sandwich and a small vegetable, which is not suitable for competitors. However, it can at least be said that the water is good and the weather is great too – national team captain Chapa Huttner of Halifax, Canada, and more specifically from Dartmouth, described the local conditions. Also mentioning this, the journey has also been riddled with bumps:

– Our plane took off in Budapest on Friday, but we didn’t get to the property until Saturday morning, as our flight from Montreal to Halifax was delayed. After arriving, of course, everyone at the accommodation immediately went to bed. Here we are five hours behind Hungarian time, a few competitors still struggling to move yesterday, but everyone is fine now.

In Dartmouth, located in Nova Scotia, in the open bay on the Atlantic Ocean, almost nothing has changed in thirteen years. The last time the Canadian city hosted the World Cup was in 2009.

This writer traveled the same way as the full national team does now, I traveled for twenty-two hours due to the loss of connection with Montreal. It is true that the organizers waited at the airport though and took me to the accomodation. Dartmouth is a gray town in beautiful natural surroundings, like most settlements abroad. And yes, the site of the World Championships, Lake Bannock, reminded me at the time of scout camp more than the World Championships in Olympic sports. But just as it happened thirteen years ago, this should not be an obstacle to doing well.

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At that time, in 2009, Hungary took third place in the medal table, ahead of Germany and Belarus, with six gold, four silver and two bronze medals. As usual, our ladies took the lead led by Katalin Kovacs.

Current performance may depend on how the women’s rowing division, which has been partially rejuvenated out of necessity, performs. For various reasons, all four members of the women’s quartet (Danuta Cusack, Tamara Sipes, Anna Karasz and Dora Bodoni) who won a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics are missing from the team.

The competitions begin on Wednesday, with the finals taking place on Saturday and Sunday, which will be broadcast live on M4 Sport.

Hungarian national team

men’s boat:

  • C-1200 meters: Dávid Korisánszky
  • C – 1500m: Daniel Figs
  • C-1 1000m: Adolf Palaz
  • – C-1 5000m: Adolf Balaz
  • C-2500m: Jonathan Hajdu, dám Fekete
  • C-2 500m mix: Laura Gönczöl, Dániel Fejes
  • C-2 1000m: Balázs Kiss, Dávid Hodován
  • C-4500m: Christoph Kollar, Adam Slehochki, Dominic Zombori, David Kojkas

Women’s boat:

  • C-1200 meters: Takács Kincs
  • C-1500 m: Balla Virág
  • C-1 1000m: Balla Virág
  • C-1 5000m: Balla Virág
  • C – 2200m: Pragato Giada, Bianca Nagy
  • C – 2500m: Pragato Giada, Bianca Nagy
  • C-4500m: Giada Bragato, Virág Balla, Takács Kincs, Bianka Nagy

kayak for men:

  • K-1200 meters: Csizmadia Kolos
  • K-1500m: Girgli Balog
  • K-1 1000m: Balint Copasz
  • K-1 5000m: Noé Bálint
  • K-2500m: Pence Nadas, Balint Kopasz
  • K-2 500m mix: Levente Kurucz, Dóra Alida Gazsó
  • K-2 1000 meters: Noé Bálint, Tamás Kulifai
  • K-4500m: István Kuli, Kolos Csizmadia, Ádám Varga, Bence Nádas

feminine kayak:

  • K-1200 meters: Anna Lukes
  • K-1500m Eszter Rendessy
  • K-1 1000m: Eszter Rendessy
  • K-1 5000m: Kohalmi Emissi
  • K-2200m: Anna Lukes, Blanca Kis
  • K-2500m: Anna Lukes, Blanca Kis
  • K-4500m: Sára Fojt, Noémi Pupp, Emese Kőhalmi, Dóra Alida Gazsó

Cover photo: Lake Bannock looks beautiful from a bird’s eye view (Photo:

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