Magyar Sport Napja - koszorúztak és kritizáltak

Hungarian Sports Day – wreath and swipe

Tunde Szabo, Minister of State for Sports, and Peter Sarvalvi, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, held a small ceremony and laying wreaths at the MAC Memorial in Szabadság Square on Wednesday to mark Hungarian Sports Day, MTI reported. “Sport is a force that can often unite people on their own, regardless of their social, political, religious or cultural background. This unity will be sorely needed when international sport can be relaunched,” said Tond Szabo. “Whether we think of our great ancestors today or active athletes, there is one thing we all have in common, and that is perseverance and the ability to fight back. We can build on these values ​​in the current challenging situation and in the future.”

Every year, on the occasion of Hungarian Sports Day, active professionals of Hungarian sports are given an official ceremony, such an event was not possible this time due to the epidemiological situation, but prizes were awarded. György Demeter and Ottó Pócsföldi have been awarded the Bay Béla Award, which can be awarded to coaches and sports professionals who equip athletes who achieve outstanding performance in recognition of outstanding training activities and important educational work, as well as artwork.

Rita Cuban, Tibor Kumarumi and Antal Kovacs received the Ferenc Cheek Award, which can be awarded to athletes who give outstanding sports performance, as well as to athletes in recognition of their work.

Attila Bartos and Attila Peter were awarded the Miksa Eszterházy Prize, awarded to people who have been successful in Hungarian and international sports for a long time in order to promote sports, improve the physical and moral condition of the population, and develop Hungarian physical culture and sport.

Attila Josef Halasz, Gyula Egre and Maria Johaszny Toth are recipients of the Indri Kessie Award for people working in school, student and college sports. Tamás Szabó, Áron Gábor Antalya and Ágnes Soós have been awarded the Ferenc Kemény Award for outstanding teaching and scholarly work in sports. Anna Bozek, Josef Andras Soleil, Eva Heidi, Zoltani Estergomi, Istvan Matulci and Tibor Farkas received Ministerial Recognition for their outstanding work, MTI wrote.

Where did the Tao billions go?

“Practicing sports is a separate profession. Fidesz politicizing sports is unacceptable and unacceptable! Even the sphere of life where performance should be important and exclusive, not party loyalty. There is hardly any alliance in Hungary, a club sport with a long history, in which there will be no Tie the President or Secretary-General to the current authority with a thousand threads,” Odam Steinmetz, right-wing MP, wrote in his statement on the occasion of Hungarian Sports Day. member.

According to the representative of the opposition, it is also shocking that a billboard of the Hungarian government appeared among the sponsors at a global competition organized in Hungary. “With all this power, I can also reveal the name and photo of each taxpayer, because competition support comes from our money. Political campaigning in sports competitions must be stopped!” – Tell Steinmetz in his parliamentary address on Tuesday.

Infrastructure conditions for daily physical education must be created in all schools, according to the representative, it will be up to the government to build sustainable sports facilities with transparent funding. How much money was spent on supporting tao for a good purpose and how much was used for the sport should be professionally disclosed. said the MP, who said it was an important goal to go from a sports-loving country to a sports nation. More people are doing sports in Hungary than before, which is a very good thing, but unfortunately, for the previously mentioned reasons, more and more people are judging the sport, which is very bad.

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