Hungarian Science Day in Vojvodina

Hungarian Science Day in Vojvodina

VMTDK was first held in Subotica in 2002 with 56 participants. By 2003, 76 young scientists had submitted their latest research, and 153 scientists had already been nominated to participate in the 10th cycle of the VMTDK. So far, 2,463 people have attended the conference. VMTDK is a unique event, the only university conference in Hungary, which brings together students from Subotica and Novi Sad and covers all technical disciplines and disciplines.

Erzsébet Csányi, Principal Organizer, VMTDK: We insist that our students, who go to university in Serbian, mostly acquire a level of professional language that will enable them to express themselves competently in relation to their research and theses, i.e. spend their whole life. .

The keynote speaker at this year’s conference was Gyorgy Koztolani, a geneticist.

Academic György Kosztolányi: The fact that someone gets a good supervisor from a group of science students is a success, and can be presented in front of their peers is a tremendous motivational force.

The inaugural student lecture of the conference said that trials on the treatment of coronavirus diseases are also underway in Serbia.

Lecturer Nora Mihalk, University of Novi Sad: I always leave VMTDK with very positive experiences, because I have the opportunity to meet other young researchers. We share our experiences with each other, and we can see who has had difficulties based on the research process.

The VMTDK is international in nature, with students from Hungary and the Highlands as well.

Lecturer Balázs Ónya, University of Pécs: The Student Scientific Conference is a great experience. Whether Vojvodina, Transylvania or TDK belongs to our faculty, because from the ward’s first experiences, lecturers and supervisors can follow the development and change of student positions through mature research plans, as well as provide an opportunity for relevant discussions. , and receive posts that can still divert topic, interest, and anything else later.

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As part of the conference, the Crystal Ball Award for Most Promising Young Researcher has been given since 2006, and the 20th VMTDK concluded with an awards ceremony tonight.

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