Hungarian radio stations played the most popular artist 57,181 times last year

Hungarian radio stations played the most popular artist 57,181 times last year

Approximate figures have been published by the National Media and Communications Authority.

If the National Media and Communications Authority (NMHH) were to store the sound of Hungarian radio broadcasts in 2021 on cassettes, it would fit more than 70,000 kilometers of cassettes, which would be enough to circle the planet roughly twice, according to the authority. announced. Unfortunately, they did not say how many floppy disks and how many pages the typewriter fits, but they said other interesting things:

  • A total of 45 years of music can be heard on the examined channels;
  • The entire musical collection consisted of 157,154 different pieces of music;
  • 120,771 music tracks were heard more than once, 54.6% of whom were Hungarian and 45.4% were foreign;
  • More than three thousand songs were recorded during the year that were broadcast at least 365 times, that is, once a day on average;
  • The entire music selection included 1,522 foreign and 1,162 Hungarian artists who appeared on radio shows daily;
  • The average song duration is 3 minutes 31 seconds;
  • The average age of the songs was 9.72 years, which means that older music is still the most popular;

The Hungarian music list is dominated by pop, hip-hop and “electronic” styles, and electronic music has also occupied a large space at the top of foreign playlists, along with pop music, but hip-hop has appeared less.

The most popular Hungarian artist was Magdi Roza, who played 57,181 times by the analyzed channels, followed by Halot Beans (40,862 plays), Wilhelu (38,265), Follow the Flow (36,173) and Ákos (26,543) .

Among foreign artists, Ava Max (36195) was the most famous, followed by Dua Lipa (35003), Canada’s The Weeknd (23928), England’s Ed Sheeran (22108) and American Jason Derulo (18258) took the top five. from the list.

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The five most famous Hungarian songs:

  • Compact Disco feat. Champions: All is well (9,339)
  • praise chorus: Blessed Mother (7,273)
  • Follow the stream: old tale (7,105)
  • Lutfi Bigy X Borai: roaming depths 2 (6,710)
  • Magdy Roza: face to face (6,635)

A study on Spotify and YouTube user favorites will be released soon, and some data has already been released. On Spotify, Hungarian and foreign artists are equally divided into the top 20. There are so many of them that radio stations rarely put them on their shows. For example, the number one spot is Azahriah & Desh, which were broadcast more than 12 million times in 2021; They took 226th place among the Hungarians in the ranking of radio stations.

There are many artists that radio almost completely ignores, despite the fact that they generate millions of hits on Spotify.

This is the fifth Alee, which Hungarians listened to 3.9 million times on the online platform, but radio stations broadcast it only 26 times.

On YouTube, Hungarian performers are more popular than foreign performers. The most popular, with over 90 million views, is GwM, which has been edited on only 79 radio shows. Nemazalány & Sofi: empty hearts Hungarian YouTubers played his song the most in 2021 – nearly 19 million times – while it ranked 756th on the radio list.

Follow Flow (radio list: 4th place, Youtube list: 8th place), Halott Pénz (r: 2, Y: 11) and Bagossy Brothers Company (r: 10, Y: 17), known from the radio charts, are also here. The runner-up, as the advertisement states.

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(Source: NMHH, MTI. Opening image shows Dua Lipa, Image: Getty Images)

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