Hungarian Olympic gold equals 50 million HUF

Hungarian Olympic gold equals 50 million HUF

Although not attending the Tokyo Olympics this year, the government saw the time to increase state bonuses for Olympic champions and runners. The competitors’ cash prizes for the Summer and Winter Olympics will look like this:

  1. Gold medal 50 million forints
  2. Silver medal: 35.7 million HUF
  3. My Bronze Medal is 28.5 million HUF
  4. Arch. Placement: 21.5 million HUF

But even the eighth-place contestant will receive a government prize of 2.8 million Ft. All this represents a huge plus because he is an Olympic champion So far, 35 million HUF I got my silver medal at 25 million forint and my bronze medal was 20 million forint. The eighth-place winner received 2 million Ft for his performance.

upload. (Photo: MTI / Tibor Illyés)

In the case of the Paralympic event, the competitor performance grant amount has so far been 50 percent of the amount specified for the Olympic event. This is also adjusted by the government, with the best Summer and Winter Paralympics receiving separate bonus list. This is the Olympic champion 17.5 million Get the forint. That is, the fifty percent rate is still based on the old schedule only.

A world championship or European championship title achieved in an Olympic event will be more valuable in the future. To date, the world champion has received 2 million Ft, that is 6.2 million Jumps to HUF, while the European champion instead of HUF 1 million so far 3.7 million You can expect HUF to be congratulated.

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