Hungarian House was established in London in the United Kingdom

Hungarian House was established in London in the United Kingdom

The 7-storey building is located next to Trafalgar Square, London. The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Peter Sejjarto, announced that there will also be a Hungarian school and theater hall at the weekend, where exhibitions and performances by local Hungarians will be held.

Péter Szijjártó asserted that many Hungarians live in London and the surrounding area, work or study there, but so far the city has not been a good home for Hungarian culture, Hungarian society, and the preservation of a Hungarian identity.

Treasury has bought a large iconic building In order to preserve and present our culture in London in a place befitting Hungary, the country of the millennium – said Peter Szijjártó. He asserted that the new Hungarian house would be a new meeting point for the Hungarians living in England.

There is a theater, there is a café, where we organize exhibitions and shows – The minister said, adding that the possibility of a weekend school for children and Hungarian language teaching will also be available. “For the house to be truly decent and able to receive the Hungarian people, it will now be renovated, and as soon as the renovations are completed,

In a few months, the Hungarians living in and around London will be able to take possession of it Then,” announced Péter Szijjártó.

The Prime Minister expressed his hope that “this house will serve the Hungarians living in and around London as a new meeting point, and a new force for community building”.

Hungarian House in London Advertising video You can see it on Péter Szijjártó’s Facebook page!

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