Hungarian House of Music: One of the world's most iconic contemporary buildings to be completed by the end of the year - video

Hungarian House of Music: One of the world’s most iconic contemporary buildings to be completed by the end of the year – video

Városliget’s renovation will continue with exciting innovations in 2021 as well, as one of the world’s most iconic contemporary buildings, the Hungarian Music House in Budapest, which has been honored with prestigious international awards, will be completed by the end of this year. We have reported countless times on the progress of the private building, to be built by Magyar Építő Zrt, on an area of ​​6000 square metres.

The tasks of implementation and technical examination of the complex are carried out by Óbuda-Újlak Zrt. and Főber Zrt. The steel frame of the complex roof structure is made by Weinberg Kft.

When designing the facility building, Japanese architect Su Fujimoto also placed great emphasis on the harmony of the building and the garden, as well as the functional complexity of the foundation. Accordingly, the triple mission of the Hungarian House of Music – exhibition, performing arts, and education – is well separated in architectural terms: while the concert and performance hall and the open-air theater are located at the city park level, the exhibition spaces are underground, educational and research. The rooms are located upstairs in the “floating hat” of the house.

The three main functions of the Hungarian Music House – the interactive exhibition, the concert and the musical teaching methods – are located on three levels connected by a 14-ton suspended spiral staircase.

Chosen as the most innovative architect in the world, Sou Fujimoto has dreamed of a modern and luxurious home of music, the end result will be a building that is light, airy, open, interoperable and harmonious with unique interactive content.

The top of the object is designed by the designer based on the visual image of the sound vibration, the wave

The building will be an extraordinary musical institution with special functions, serving as a complex musical starting place, offering visitors a myriad of experiences in the world of music and sounds: an interactive music history exhibit, concerts, musical experiences, musical educational sessions, and many opportunities to listen to music and experience it.

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The special floating roof of the Hungarian House of Music was designed by Japanese architect Su Fujimoto, who designed a transparent building among the trees of the grove, based on the visual image of acoustic vibration, the wave. The roof, thickening and then lightening with a cheerful ripple, remains below the level of the canopy in the city park, and the house blends harmoniously with nature.

The roof, which is also distinguished from an architectural point of view, has neither two almost parallel elements, nor right angles.

Its surface is broken by about 100 specially designed openings, some of which are covered with orchards and others are used to bring light into the interior of the building. This green solution helps to illuminate the interior and create a special atmosphere.

Park users reclaim land unused for decades

The contemporary building, the Hungarian House of Music, which has been recognized with international awards, will be completed by the end of the year as part of the historic renovation of Varoslijet. The intricate musical starting place will be an unmissable sight and cultural space in Budapest.

The House of Hungarian Music is being built next to Lake Városligeti, near Vajdahunyad Castle and an artificial ice rink, on the site of the former Hungexpo office buildings, which have not been used for years. With the reopening of an area that has been closed to visitors for decades, park users will also have access to thousands of square meters of refurbished green space.

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