Hungarian girls are still 100 per cent

In the third round of the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Championships in Debrecen, Hungary met Mexico on Tuesday evening at the Főnix Arena. The risks of the confrontation are no longer serious for us, because the first place in the group has already belonged to the Red, White and Green team since Sunday, regardless of the result.

The meeting, which began at 5:30 p.m., got off to a fairly competitive run, in the first two minutes with no basket being scored at all. The silence was then broken by Mexico with a pointer, but this was the last time the Central American Guard could be truly happy. Since then, the will of the students of Peter Volgi has prevailed. After the first quarter, the Hungarian Ladies led 13-5. After a short rest, the match continued where it had ended. The Mexicans were able to make a few really good shooting positions, but when they did, they tried mostly inaccurately. The Hungarian girls didn’t burn as hot as they did against Japan, but they kept going and were able to retire in the first half by a 33-15 lead.

Even after the round, the match continued in the same vein, the Mexican team fought with honor, but the difference between the two teams continued to grow. The excited crowd of Főnix Aréna was especially pleased that Papp Lilla, who grew up in Debrecen and currently plays basketball for DVTK, was also able to play, having only had a few minutes of playing so far. The local girl thanked the trust of her points, and her baskets were accompanied by warm applause. In the last minutes of the meeting, the only question was the final result, and in the end Hungary defeated Mexico 71-36.

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Since we finished first in Group A, they will have to play against Argentina, fourth in Quartet B, to get to the top eight. The South American team lost to France in the first round with a score of 98-35, then on the second day the match was close, and Australia won against them with a score of 66-44. They also lost in their last group match against Slovenia, with the score 73-45. Since the Hungarian team topped the first group with a performance of one hundred percent, and the Argentine team lost all its matches so far, it is not an exaggeration to say that Peter Volgi’s students are the candidates for the round of 16. Starting Wednesday afternoon at 5:30 pm

Attila Bacchus

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