Hungarian fur has been introduced into the United Kingdom

Hungarian fur has been introduced into the United Kingdom

This year, Hungarian fur was introduced for the third time at Furmint February, organized by Agrármarketing Centrum (AMC) and the Wines of Hungary UK communications agency, AMC announced Tuesday.

21 types of Hungarian wines were featured in the online master course, which is a wine tasting meeting, business development meeting and wine promotion event.

The aim of this event is to promote mint, one of the most important white grapes in Hungary, and through it, to promote Hungarian wine in one of the most important target markets for Hungarian wine exports in the United Kingdom.

Photo: Melinda Farkas / MTI

He explained that the event was attended by more than a hundred bartenders working in Alawite gastronomy and members of the commercial press in London. Participants were able to learn about the history of mint, the typical production areas of the grape variety and the characteristics of the wine made with it, as well as forment wines in 21 Hungarian wineries made in different styles with the help of publication.

Presentations created to support the producers’ export activities were streamed online, as participants joined in tasting wines from their homes with bottle samples sent to them in advance.

They also mentioned that after the event, after the restrictions caused by the epidemic situation are eased, a sales competition will be launched to encourage importers, restaurants, bars and retailers to sell mint wine by serving it at wine dinners, tastings and specials. For guests and clients.

The prize for the most successful competitor will be a three-day study trip to Furmint Center, Tokaj.

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