Hungarian Flag Day in Transylvania

Hungarian Flag Day in Transylvania

It is being held for the 20th time this year Hungarian Flag Day in Transylvania Transylvanian Museum Society.

EME, based in Cluj-Napoca, joined the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 2002 Hungarian Science Day This conference has been organized on an annual basis ever since. The Hungarian Flag Day in Transylvania Traditionally the weekend closest to November 23, organizers also commemorate the EME’s 1859 founding general meeting. The event will be held online on November 19-20 this year. The main sponsor of the event is Tamas Freund, President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

At the opening ceremony on Friday, the Miku Memorial Stone will be inaugurated in Miku Park, and in the afternoon, after the welcome speeches, festive public lectures will be given. The Public Lecture Series will open with a formal lecture by Anna Erdy, immunologist, academic and Deputy Secretary-General of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Commemorative plaques will be handed over to Count Miko Emery at the opening ceremony.

On the second day of the event, Saturday 20 November, EME departments and its affiliates will hold a conference dedicated to their respective disciplines, based on specific issues in each region or discipline.

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In view of the epidemiological situation, public lectures and departmental sessions could be followed by video conferences this year as well.

In 2021, despite the epidemic situation, a total of 15 events will be held at the 20th Forum, mostly in the form of video conferencing. Using modern technology, we also offer events for those who haven’t been able to come on site in other years. Some of the events will be streamed live on the association’s YouTube channel and are available to watch. More information can be found at this event website.

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