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Hungarian Film Club: We are the Hungarians – DJ Bustice

Hungarian Film Club: We are the Hungarians – DJ Bustice

“I am not a Hungarian out of bounds, but a Hungarian without limits.”

We know Péter Kiss as a driver of the Hungarian community in New York from the portraiture film. He arranged for Hungarians living in various cities in the US to sing “Nélküled” by Esmeros Arkoc Nélkold at a festival. He goes to the disco and does a TV show in Magyar Ház with Attila Patkós, Who also directed the current movie.He really loves to entertain and keep people happy.This is reflected in his shows,Good Lunch is Fun and Facebook Live with Pat and Betty.

Photo: Facebook

Peter was born in Budapest and spent his childhood in Bekasmgyr. His father moved to America at a young age, and his mother raised him alone. Perhaps it is from this family situation that he cannot show his feelings, which his wife often expresses. It’s because it makes you feel less vulnerable, she says.

Already in Budapest, he started discos with a famous DJ, Tamas Gutasi. They were performing at popular nightclubs, but once they had a fight and parted ways. Then Peter decided to move to America with his father. He did many different jobs at first, like all immigrants. He kept his mail from these jobs: he still delivers letters today, he has a 306 home. He also runs a construction company. He says he needs the postal job, as it is the base for him, organizing his life. He gets up early to finish on time and goes to the company, where he works with his employees in a family relationship.

His relationship with his wife, Edt, was off to an adventurous start. He met her in Hungary, a month before he left. He promised to return to her quickly, but this visit did not take place until two years later. During liberation, she becomes the fiancée of another boy. After that, Peter also got married, married an English girl, and they had a son. Once he heard from an acquaintance that his wife was cheating on him, and at the same time there was news that Edt’s fiancé had died. After that, the relationship quickly resumed, and Tahrir also moved to New York. They have three children, in the saying: “mine, yours, ours.” Although Edit describes Péter’s style and demeanor as a horse’s hood, their relationship is deep and committed. Peter is already planning the Silver Wedding, as he would also like to be a DJ, but he just can’t do it. But no matter what happens, it promises to be a great party with lots of friends and a good atmosphere.
He is working hard to preserve the Hungarian club, which has existed since 1953, so that he can pass on all that is Hungarian to the next generation.”

Duration: 60 minutes
Free admission. Pre-registration: [email protected]
date: February 28 – 6 p.m
Venue: Aranytíz House of Culture

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