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Hungarian Circus Art Museum, Library and Archives established

Fekete Péter, a Nemzeti Cirkuszművészeti Központ főigazgatója és Joó Emese a Magyar Cirkuszművészeti Központ vezetője leleplezik az emléktáblát a Magyar Cirkuszművészeti Múzeum, Könyvtár és Archívum megalapítása, egyben az 1000. könyv könyvtári állományba vétele alkalmából rendezett ünnepségen és az első cirkuszi könyvünnepen a Fővárosi Nagycirkuszban a tudomány világnapján, 2022. november 10-én - fotó: MTI/Máthé Zoltán

After three years of preparation, Hungarian Circus Museum, Library and Archive. On the occasion of the founding of the Circus Science Library and the addition of the thousandth volume to the library’s collection, a commemorative plaque was unveiled on World Science Day in the capital, Circus.

Europe’s leading circus arts center is being built in Budapest, but it is not possible to build the future without respecting and knowing the past, said Peter Fekete, General Director of the National Circus Art Center at the event. As he remembers, seven years ago it was decided to create a scientific library in Hungary that would serve not only Hungarian circus art, and not only Central Europe, but the whole of Europe in the form of a museum, database and library.

Explained Emese Joó, of the National Circus Arts operates under the auspices of the center Hungarian Circus Art Museum, library Director of the Archives Museum.

As he pointed out, with the scientific work that began three years ago, their task is to preserve tangible memories, costumes, props, photographic documents, films, prints and any other documents of Hungarian circus art, performing arts and art. Products appearing anywhere in the world. Promote the collection of circus history.

Peter Feketi, Director General of the National Center for Circus Arts, hands over book number 1000 – Photo: MTI/Zoltán Máthé

He added: There are about 30 thousand pieces in the museum’s collection, and the library’s collection has already exceeded a thousand copies in recent days. He said pieces from the museum’s collection are on display in a permanent exhibition at the capital’s Circus, and most of the library’s collections can be searched for in the online catalog.

At this event, the thousand specialized book was symbolically placed on a six-meter-long library shelf on the steps of the Great Circus, Baron de Vaux Ecuyers et écuyeres. Histoire des cirques d’Europe (1680-1891) its size. Decorated with 280 photos and illustrations, this rare History of the Circus book in French, from Pascal Jacob’s History of Circus Books collection, was published in Paris in 1893. The event ended with the unveiling of the painting.

Artists place the 1000th book on the symbolic shelf at the ceremonial opening ceremony of the plaque marking the founding of the Hungarian Circus Art Museum, Library and Archives, as well as the acceptance of the 1000th book in the library's collection, and at the capital's first circus book festival on World Flag Day, November 10, 2022 - photo : MTI / Zoltán Máthé
Artists place book number 1000 on the symbolic shelf – Photo: MTI / Zoltán Máthé

When certain institutions are given a cultural strategic mission, it happens because they not only present folk performances and are among the best, but also because they play a leading role in the profession and create collections that can be used as professional workshops, stressed Matti Finch, Deputy Secretary of State for Public Collections and Cultural Developments In the Ministry of Culture and Innovation.

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