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Hungarian basketball girls can fight for bronze

The Hungarian team failed to cover the paper form in the semi-finals of the Women’s Under-19 Basketball World Championships, with its 75-42 success, the United States national team reached the final.

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However, Julia Poros has nothing to be ashamed of, as she can play for the bronze medal in the Imre Hódos event hall tomorrow from 5:30 pm – he writes website Debrecen Sports Centre.

A seemingly impossible task awaited the Hungarian national team, as they faced the United States, which had won seven of the last eight U19 world championships, among the top four. While the results of the past two decades are also eloquent, their performance in the US national team championship has been even more honoured, with their closest match to date being a quarter-final win against Spain 98-64. We had a noticeable fear of their opponents, and they were very excited about several empty situations, but thanks to their excellent defense, the scoreboard was still only 5-5 in the middle of the quarter. The match was marked by a lot of errors in its continuation as well, the Hungarians did not manage to find a basket until the end of the quarter, and although the Americans did not play well, they managed to advance 13-5.

After Lemon’s start, the US is already ten points ahead, but despite the fact that Boros responded with a three, Clark’s accurate outside throw quickly brought back the two-digit difference. Boros was also active in jumping, but the opponent flew too, László Cziczás used his request for the first time in the middle of the quarter (29-15). It didn’t slow down the players outside either, they obviously played basketball with a completely different tempo, and we were again without points in the second half of the game, so the sides could take a big break with a 35-15 American lead.

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The Miklos trio opened the second half, to which the Americans responded with a 9-2 acceleration. In the sequel, Setko moments followed, as the striker also sold a three-pointer from the corner after a successful midfield. The U.S. Guard wanted to cut short the issue of getting to the finals soon enough, which they did, with Johnson’s triple-thirty-three (30-29) after two plus one. László Cziczás, thinking about the bronze game on Sunday, boldly turned his team, trying to distribute the match minutes. In the last quarter, the girls completely removed the burden, they played liberated basketball, and in some places they played especially well. Although the last 10 minutes could not be won, the end was 75-42, which is a perfectly acceptable result in terms of tournament results so far.

Dombai will be able to play for the bronze medal from 17:30 on Sunday, the opponent being the loser in the semi-finals for Mali and Australia.

US – Hungary 75-42 (13-5, 22-10, 28-17, 12-10)

United States of America: Fudd 9/3, Paopao 6/3, Clark 14/12, Citron 17, Betts 4 Replace: Feagin 6, Ware 1, Johnson 14/12, Verhulst 4, Wolfenbarger -, DeBerry -. Coach: Corey Rachel Close

Hungary: Kéita -, Boros 14/9, Dombai 1, Krasovec 2, Bird 2 exchange: Sitku 6/6, Holcz -, Telegdy 4, Gyöngyösi 2, Miklós 11/9, Rozmán -, Rakita -. Coach: Laszlo Cecsa

László Cziczás: I think we have no reason to be ashamed, because we have managed to keep a team that plays practically basketball in the Euroleague now at 75 points. Most importantly, the girls got parquet today, which I can promise tomorrow, and whatever our opponent is, we’ll go ahead and try to get the bronze. We don’t know with whom we play yet, but it does not matter completely because both teams are very strong, they are below the level of the Americans by one level, but we will try to cover the paper model.

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