Hungarian band singer slowly detained in China for 1,000 days

Hungarian band singer slowly detained in China for 1,000 days

A Hungarian punk band called “Bankruptcy” recently He also wrote a Hungarian number and an English number He was slowly held in China for 1,000 days by diplomat Michael Kovrig, the band’s former vocalist.

Now a clip has been produced by the international community of sound clips, receiving bankruptcy of more than 60 videos from 15 countries. The clip features family, friends, band members and supporters of Michael Kovrig, as well as anyone who sent a video of themselves on the band’s call.

  • Kovrigot – who has Hungarian citizenship in addition to a Canadian – and businessman Michael Spavor He was arrested in China at the end of 2018., possibly out of retaliation, shortly after Canadian authorities arrested Meng Fan Chute, the chief financial officer of Huawei, the Chinese tech and telecommunications giant, in Vancouver. Michael Spaffer was sentenced to 11 years in prison, and Kovrig is presumably facing a similarly severe sentence.

According to the band, Kovrig’s fate is in the hands of policymakers, writing, “With the power of the community, we can pressure them to finally close the case and allow Michael and another Canadian hostage held in China to finally return home.” Therefore, anyone who wants to join the event is asked to “download the band from the side Free Michael Kovrig Poster Take a photo or video of yourself and upload it to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #freemichaelkovrig.”

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