Hundreds of cars were returned from the Czech-German border

Hundreds of cars were returned from the Czech-German border

German border guards returned hundreds of cars during the day. Only foreign health care workers were accepted in Bavaria, while visiting agricultural workers were also accepted in Saxony. In all cases, a new negative virus test was a requirement. Therefore, on the Czech side of the border stations, the authorities have already set up mobile test stations on Sunday.

Czech public service news television reported that thousands of Czech visiting workers, who work in fields other than health care, moved to Germany Sunday night, where their employer provided them with temporary residence. This measure did not arouse a uniformly positive reception among the Czechs, but the majority say that they do not want to lose their jobs and therefore prefer temporary residence in Germany. Daily mobility, which affected tens of thousands of Czech citizens, was canceled on Monday as strict border controls were in place.

Railways and buses between the Czech Republic and Germany were temporarily cut off on Monday. The Czechs announced that neither commuter trains nor buses will leave Germany for Prague.

Although there are different truck and cargo rules, the Germans also control them, and testing for the new negative virus is a natural requirement. According to Prague media reports, truck queues on highways are over 10-15 kilometers long and waiting time several hours.

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