Hundreds of bees attacked the couple, one escaped, the other stayed: who do you think reacted well? – terrace

Leanne and Dan visited the picturesque Sri Lankan countryside from South Africa, where they also visited one of the country’s most beautiful sights, the Nine-Hole Bridge.

However, they did not expect that they would be attacked by hundreds of bees on the fairytale bridge, and one member of the newly married couple immediately started running, and the other somewhat crouched–a video of the frightening scene was also shot.

Bees attack people

The unsuspecting couple did not cross the path of any swarm of bees, such as giant Sri Lankan bees (Apis dorsata) who built their cells on the bridge structure.

It can be seen that the woman immediately started running in one direction after one or two bites, while her husband crouched, covering his face with his shirt, thinking that he would escape the injuries. Unfortunately, none of their plans work – perhaps it was for the best for whoever chose to run away – because once Dan was stung by a bee, the other insects attacked the man as well, because in this case they were emitting a pheromone that encourages the other members of the swarm to act aggressively. In the end, he also had to hurry.

On one side of the bridge, tour guides and police officers were already waiting for him, making smoke to scare away the angry insects. They pulled out bee stings and applied castor oil to the man’s stings to disinfect the wounds and ease the pain. However, the couple broke up, the man realized that his wife had just run to the other side of the bridge.

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A total of 15 bee stings were counted on the man’s neck alone, and other members of the tour group also suffered the unpleasant encounter. Finally, after a while, Dan manages to cross the bridge to his wife. And the shocking experience did not end there, as the party was taken to the hospital, where they received treatment for bee venom.

The young couple’s skin turned blue and red instead of stinging, and the man also developed a fever – but they eventually escaped infection. It is not uncommon for giant bees to attack tourists on the famous bridge, which is why the tour guides actually prepare many dry green wastes for the sides of the bridge to smoke away the insects.

This is also a shocking sight: a whole swarm of bees settled in this man’s car

The man living in China reacted to the swarm of bees in his car in a way that very few did after that.

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