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Humanoid Studios: Director of the Mass Effect Trilogy Makes an AAA Sci-Fi Game!


Casey Hudson’s new studio is developing a cross-platform game, which isn’t an existing IP, but something new to be made at Humanoid Studios, which he founded in June of last year.

human studios website He revealed more details about his first game. This team is led by former BioWare CEO Casey Hudson. It’s going to be a multi-platform AAA game set in a new sci-fi universe, so PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC are likely to get a creation with a character-focused narrative, four of which have been published by Humanoid Studios. These can be found below.

In the first image, two astronauts discover a rocky planet where they can either discover the ruins of past civilizations or discover something more serious about them. The second image may still have the same two letters on the planet, but for now it’s all about sampling. In the third image, we can see an area that looks like a bar or a place to relax in a modern space station, and the planets can be clearly seen through the window. And in the fourth and final image, perhaps a snow-covered, flowing area reminiscent of the Earth unfolds in front of us, but something unknown is still here in the form of white structures in the mountains, some spaceships heading towards them.

The game is still in its early stage of development so don’t expect it to be released before 2025, and it won’t be an official announcement anytime soon. There are several job postings on the Humanoid Studios website, many of which state that we can see unique creatures in the game, which haven’t been announced yet, but who knows if this concept will eventually end up in the final version in the store, or during development, will be released soon. Take this idea out of the project.

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We will wonder what the effect of the first three is mass effect to the game, as it was directed by Anno Hudson, so it’s almost certain that he’ll be somewhat influenced by his past success.

source: jimatsu

Humanoid Studios Concept Artwork 03 21 22 004

Humanoid Studios Concept Artwork 03 21 22003

Humanoid Studios concept artwork 03 21 22 002

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