Huawei's leader trust Biden

Huawei’s leader trust Biden

The first man in a Chinese company to suffer from US restrictions has avoided the public since March of last year. Now, however, he appeared at a media event and also answered journalists’ questions.

It’s possible that the founding CEO of Huawei has been with him in recent months that if he isn’t able to really say a lot of positive things, he’d rather listen. General Zhengfei Almost a year has passed since his last media debut, but the ice has now been broken, with the US presidential election result apparently playing a major role. Although experts say the new president will not necessarily be more flexible with China, the Huawei leader is confident that the cold mood can melt somewhat.

Confidence in a more open attitude

Speaking at a presentation of the 5G project launched in a northern Chinese city this week, the CEO told reporters that he hopes the Biden administration will reassess the current situation alongside US business interests and take a more open approach to Sino-U.S. Relations on Sino-U.S. Relations. Years in connection with a commercial battle. However, Zen Cheng-head added quite realistically, that the new leadership will not find it easy to undo the double sanctions under Trump – a sign likely to the strong political dimension of the issue.

Huawei’s No. 1 man argues that the restrictions not only hurt the Chinese side, but also put US companies and the US economy at a general disadvantage due to the sanctions. He hopes the newly elected president realizes this, adding that he would welcome it Joe Biden Call if the head of the new US administration wants first-hand information.

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The CEO tried to put a positive spin on his speech by emphasizing that last year’s results highlighted that Huawei closed 2020 with growth in both revenue and net profit. However, all of this is overshadowed by the fact that by the end of the year, harsh US sanctions on smartphones, one of the company’s most important markets, had a major impact. The manufacturer, which was still a world leader a few years ago, began its free fall in the last quarter and was the fifth largest player in its class according to IDC metrics.

Despite all this, the founding CEO tried to remain optimistic. Despite the pressure on the mobile division, it sees development opportunities in several areas. For example, he sees smart mining and airport solutions that can help offset lost revenue from phones.

Under the press

Relations between the United States and China have become clearly hostile after the US president banned business with a number of Chinese companies, including Huawei, in the spring of 2019, citing national security reasons. Although there were signs of appeasement in the past, the situation has now clearly escalated. In China, for example, it was decided in December 2019 that public institutions and government agencies should eliminate foreign technology within a few years. In the United States, more and more procedures and proposals to amend the law are becoming routine.

One of the main elements of the battle is the next generation of communication networks. The United States appears relentless in this regard, not only in its territory, but also in the allied countries that it has good relations with, as it is trying to exclude Huawei from the ongoing tenders and developments of the fifth generation. In response, China introduced an amendment to the law that would give Beijing the opportunity to punish countries with trade sanctions that are subject to US pressure, bowing to US pressure.

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The fact that the Chinese telecom company is doing as much as possible through the superpower game is well demonstrated by this year’s scale that “really packs” Donald Trump However, one more packages for the company. In mid-January, the US government notified international Huawei suppliers, including Intel or Japan’s Kioxia, to suspend some export licenses for the Chinese company, and it will for sure reject dozens of pending orders for certain.

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