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Huawei – News Mobilarena Tablet is made of a giant tablet

Huawei – News Mobilarena Tablet is made of a giant tablet

Of course, not as much as the Ultra models from the Galaxy Tab S series or the previous offering, but the 13.9-inch panel will still be impressive.

In the past, 7-inch devices were called tablets, and nowadays the average smartphone screen diagonal is at least 6.5 inches, and it is understood that the size of tablets has also increased recently. There are hardly any offers for 8-inch displays, let’s say Nokia made an entry-level offer last year, but the average is 10-12 inches. If you want more screen real estate, Samsung currently has a valid offer in the 14.6-inch Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra and its predecessor, a display that was completely unreasonable even for its time.

Apple’s 12.9 series can also be considered a slightly larger-than-average solution, and based on the latest preview, Huawei is also preparing a giant tablet with a 13.2-inch panel. the Mate iPad Pro 13.2 It will launch in China on September 25 alongside the Watch Ultimate Gold Edition, which debuted in Barcelona last week. The image shows a thin, naturally M Pencil-compatible device with very narrow screen gaps, which in addition to the respectable size could be an additional incentive to use it with the keyboard.

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