Mégsem kell 150 GB hely a Marvel

However, you don’t need 150GB of space for the PC version of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, but it still requires a lot.

Previously, Square Enix took up 150GB of free space.

Perhaps the most anticipated release for Marvel fans this year is Eidos Montreal’s novelty, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, which can not only eradicate the stigma that afflicted Square Enix after Marvel’s Avengers, but also tell an even more interesting story about the galaxy’s most guardians. And the project is almost finished: the last trailer arrived recently and the need for the machine arose a few days ago, but it contained a painful requirement.

Originally, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy demanded 150 gigabytes of free space on a computer, while on a console it could in principle accommodate less than fifty. While players are gearing up for the wild things due to Call of Duty in terms of size, there are many game modes, on the other hand, The Galaxy Guardian video game offers a smooth single player campaign, so 150GB is not justified.

Many of the cranes, scattered in both fiction and reality, have been realized by the authorities, such as the game’s Twitter account According to her contacts The final size has been updated for the PC version. The team is in the final stages of optimization, so they can confirm that the file will be around 80GB in size on startup.

It probably doesn’t include the usual day one patch, but it’s already a friendlier number than 150. To live with the tagline for the upcoming game on October 26th: “You got this. Probably.”

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