However, they would not change the anthem, they practically abandoned the game

However, they would not change the anthem, they practically abandoned the game

After the block’s failure: Andromeda, all BioWare and studio fans’ hopes were for Anthem, which, of course, was completely chaotic in the development process, and the end result was not quite as the promotional material showed. The team leaders vowed not to give up, to continue making a beautiful sci-fi ARPG, and until Anthem 2.0 or NEXT comes, which means radically redesigning the anthem. Well, according to the latest announcement from BioWare, that wouldn’t be a thing.

Christian Daily is a leading producer of one of them In a blog post Convey bad news to Anthem players. According to this, they will not proceed with the ambitious work on the next release. On the other hand, regular support for Live Services will be maintained, so they will not leave the game completely or Anthem pull the curtain. But we all know what the outcome of this will be: He has actually thrown the final nail into Anthem’s coffin, which is more than a disaster for such a title bugged online, especially since it only came out two years ago.

BioWare previously announced that it will be a long process to build Anthem 2.0 or Next, and we can read in the current announcement that 2020 has only washed away this, as the work has not been as effective as before due to epidemiological restrictions. It was a tough decision for Christian Dailey too, and he regrets it, because Anthem was his main project in the studio, this game was the biggest challenge and biggest bonus of his career.

Of course, the decision also hinges on the fact that both Electronic Arts and BioWare want to focus on Dragon Age 4 and the continuation of the Mass Effect series, rather than a two-year confusing game remake. Additionally, there is a Star Wars MMORPG, The Old Republic, which they also want to keep alive and, to put it mildly, more long-term success than Anthem.

Anthem was released to PC and consoles on February 22, 2019, so it’s been a couple of years old these days.

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