However, the Ukrainian plane sent to Afghanistan did not fall into the hands of the militants

However, the Ukrainian plane sent to Afghanistan did not fall into the hands of the militants

All evacuation flights returned safely to the country.

currently by Nikolenko A Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman had said earlier that gunmen had seized one of the Ukrainian evacuation planes in Afghanistan these days.

Previously Given Jenin Ukraine’s deputy foreign minister said on a radio program that the plane was nearly robbed by militants and headed to Iran on board with an unknown group of passengers on Tuesday. But the foreign affairs spokesman later said that no such kidnapping had taken place. According to him, Yeni wanted to say that the plane, with which Kiev had concluded a preliminary agreement, had transported other people.

Nikolenko said that all the planes launched by Ukraine in the direction of Afghanistan to evacuate Ukrainian citizens finally returned safely to the country. A total of 256 people were transported on three evacuation flights.

Ukrainian newspaper Pravda reported that the third plane landed at Kiev Boryspil airport on Monday night with 98 people on board, including 27 Ukrainian citizens. The second plane landed, on Sunday, in the Ukrainian capital, with 83 passengers on board, 31 of whom were Ukrainians.

They also rescued journalists from the US Wall Street Journal and Radio Freedom, as well as 12 Ukrainian soldiers stranded at a base near Kabul.

The first plane arrived in Kiev from the Afghan capital on August 16, with 79 passengers on board. The deportees included Ukrainians, Belarusians, Tajiks, Croats and Dutch, but most of them were Afghan nationals. Nine Afghans sought refuge in Ukraine, and some traveled to other cities around the world, most notably Istanbul, Paris and Sofia.

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