However, the port of Balatonföldvar could be built on the beach area

A court revoked the construction permit to port 175 ships in September, but the Veszprém County Government Office re-issued the permit a few days earlier, according to RTL News from his report.

According to the head of Mosolygó Balatonföldvárért Egyesület, only 15 of the harbor originally designated for electric boats was intended for electric boats, and more than a hundred for sailboats. The association had previously challenged in court the building permit issued by the Veszprém County Government Office. This is the Pécs Administrative Court She canceled it in September. However, the government office has now informed the association that a new licensing procedure has been initiated.

According to the association’s president, Carole Hearne, they had their own system up and running within two days of obtaining the licence, and in a 26-page resolution, explained why a port could be built here. They completely ignored the court decision on which the annulment was based: that it was contrary to the local building code, adopted by the municipality itself in 2006. The beach would practically disappear with the construction of the port, which would contravene local building regulations.

RTL sought the mayor of Balatonföldvar, but he did not want to comment.

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