However, stores in the Czech Republic will not open on Mondays

However, stores in the Czech Republic will not open on Mondays

The planned partial opening of schools in March is also questionable.

Indicators of the Coronavirus epidemic in the Czech Republic continue to deteriorate. So the government has postponed the previously announced store openings to Monday night Friday night, and the partial opening of schools planned for March 1 has also been called into question, MTI reported.

According to the data released on the website of the Czech Ministry of Health on Saturday morning, the number of patients treated at the hospital rose to 6,366 on Friday, and doctors classified 1290 of them as sick. Both numbers are rising again a few days ago, as is the reproduction number that shows the spread of the epidemic. On Friday, this increased from 1.09 previously to 1.19, a clear indication of the acceleration of the epidemic.

In the Czech Republic, the number of deaths since the outbreak last March has exceeded 19,000. The number of active infections currently stands at more than one hundred thousand.

The hospital situation is starting to become dire in some areas as more and more hospitals are suffering from a shortage of beds and a shortage of qualified staff. Hospitals in the Chibi, Sokolov and Trotnov regions have been full for days, and patients from these closed areas have to be transferred to other hospitals. It ranges from 15 to 20 people per day. The Chrudim Hospital in Eastern Bohemia announced that new patients could only be placed in the corridors of the institution.

It has also been suggested to study the possibility of converting gyms into temporary hospitals. this is Jan Platney The minister announced Friday evening on public service television. Platney announced that starting Tuesday, simple face masks on public transport, healthcare facilities and stores will not suffice, but at least an FFP2 respirator. Currently these respirators are required to be sold free of VAT in the country by a previous government decree. According to press reports, the demand for better ventilators doubled or tripled instantly.

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The vaccination program is also ongoing, with around 15,000 people being vaccinated daily with vaccines approved in the European Union alone. So far, about 540,000 people have received the vaccine, and about 200,000 have received the second dose. The shortage of vaccine hampers the speed of vaccination.

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