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However, Pacific Drive will not be released this year

However, Pacific Drive will not be released this year

Ironwood’s car survival game has been pushed from 2023 to early 2024. According to the team, with this decision they are ensuring that the game is released in the best possible quality, without harming either the mental or physical health of the developers.

Lately, in terms of both movies and video games, it’s often heard that creators are overworked for a single project, while trying to work overtime. At Ironwood, they decided that the developers’ health was more important and instead postponed the release of their work. This is definitely good news, as there is less chance of game quality issues.

At first, Pacific Drive might look like a well-known survival shooter, but by making our car our only companion, it can stand out from other titles. As we explore the northern coast full of paradoxes, we will have the opportunity to customize our car according to our own taste. We’ll spend a lot of time behind the wheel, but there will be moments when we need to hunt for parts on our feet in the dangerous world. Our garage will act as a base, each trip to the Zone will be different, thanks to this we will always come back with new pieces of the puzzle to solve the long-forgotten secret of the Olympic Exclusion Zone.

This unique survival adventure will be released sometime in 2024 for PlayStation 5 and PC.

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