However, Duchatelet tends to restore the traditional coat of arms.

However, Duchatelet tends to restore the traditional coat of arms.

Although the details were previously treated as a working secret, Újpest FC Director, Chapa Berta, has now outlined the football club’s management vision on joint youth education work with its parent federation, UTE. The athletic director of the fourth. In an interview with Újpest Media in the region, Belgian club owner Roderick Duchatelet is inclined to restore the former club crest that fans have demanded, but this is conditioned on the success of the currently competing UPpest UP teams. The sporting director emphasized that the concept is based on transparency, complete and mutual transparency in the use of grants and other resources – they’ve had problems with this before.

Molino is a fan of Úpest in 2017, at a tournament after a title change (Photo: Attila Turok)

Berta Kasaba The Újpest Media broadcasting Describe the concept of creating a new company that will be responsible for educating the youth of Újpest in the future. Újpest FC and UTE will each have a 50-50 percent stake, career decisions will be taken jointly by the choice of players and coaches, and both parties will have full view of the financial side.


According to Berta, the main issue of transparency is: “Everyone has insight into this. The potential subsidies that come in here, whether it’s state subsidies, TAO subsidies, or municipal subsidies, all the potential revenue will flow here. Both parties can see exactly how much money we are managing, what those resources are being spent on, and whether they are being spent correctly.”

In return, the company will operate the supply, competition, training of trainers and service personnel, and cover the maintenance of facilities used in the supply of Újpest.

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At the beginning of the interview, Berta spoke of the fact that the angry relationship between the two club captains – and thus the process that led to the title change – began when the Belgian owner spoke and began investigating the causes of UTE – the staff leading them could not and also be integrated into a team for a longer period of time. After not getting a chance to do so in the parent union, he began organizing independent recruitment, and one of the last moments of the change of address was in 2017 (at that time two shirts in purple and white, but the coat of arms is still old from Újpest, they competed alongside in the Youth Championships).

At the end of the interview, the managing director of Úpest FC spoke about the fact that based on their concept, a combined team of Újpest could again be included in different age groups (moreover, due to the reorganization of tournaments, often again in priority / first ranks). UTE leadership said no to vision. They prefer to restore the old system.

The full interview…

Újpest FC has changed the previous coat of arms before the 2017-2018 season. Because minority owner UTE disagreed with the decision, the parent club began litigation. The court ruled in favor of FC in the first division, UTE in the second division, and finally, at the end of May, Korea decided that the new logo could remain with the football players. True, the commission did not say that the change of address would have been legal, but only decided that UTE attorneys had initiated personal legal litigation unfit to adjudicate the disputed case.

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Subsequently, the two parties consulted on several occasions, but since the beginning of the fall no formal hearing has been heard between UTE and Úpest FC – who have repeatedly criticized the other’s communication in a public statement.

It is interesting that at that time the show was treated as a trade secret, which is why only a few specific versions were published in the press about the show package, sometimes referred to as a six- or seven-point show. Then the UTE administration was informed that the conditions for restoring the coat of arms include “claims” that can only be decided upon at a full public meeting.

No new conversations have been heard between the two sides in the past six months, rather the actions of the fans have focused on the coat of arms, such as boycotting football team matches or the fact that a group. A number of printers visited the Belgian ambassador to restore the historicjpest coat of arms.

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