However, Biden does not ban TikTok from the United States

However, the possibility that China may actually collect user data has not been ruled out.

invalidate it Atmosphere BidenWhich means we don’t ban WeChat from the US and the popular social networking site TikTok.

BBC he is writingInstead of a ban, the US Department of Commerce will in the future investigate all applications developed in countries competing with the US. Extensive investigations are needed because the US leadership wants to ascertain whether it will eventually be banned, and this requires solid evidence.

Almost 80 million Americans use TikTok per month, and Biden agrees that the risk of Chinese developers collecting data about these people through the app should be taken seriously.

He will meet the President of the United States next week Ursula From The linelWith the President of the European Commission, and as expected, the two parties will announce technological and commercial cooperation aimed primarily at curbing China’s technological penetration.

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