Howard University Sports and Entertainment Summit Recap

What comes to mind when you think of networking? Is it the opportunity or the possibility to grow your brand that fascinates your mind? Will you begin to explore the path that could lead to your passion if given the chance? I had the opportunity to attend the Sports and Entertainment Summit at Howard University this past weekend. It was an amazing opportunity that opened my eyes to a lot of different aspects in business and entrepreneurial ventures. The two-day extravaganza started off with a great keynote that led into a variety of discussions. It was an amazing experience that gave me chills. Thanks to CampusLately, I had the opportunity to cover and explore the minds of the guest that were there. Inquiring about how they started, when they started and the plans that went behind their actions were essential as I searched for key insight. Finding critical answers that could help young professionals like myself is important. As a recent graduate, I wanted to put myself in the shoes of that freshman entering the summit full of enthusiasm or the senior ready to conquer the world. How could I provide them with insight and guidance that they could utilize moving forward?

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What’s your favorite networking tool? Is it the amazing experience where genuine chemistry evolves or the possibility to network at any event? Such an event took place in the nation’s capital this past weekend. It exceeded my expectations so much that I wanted to share the experience with you! There were tons of talented and amazing innovators like yourself on Howard University’s campus. There were unlimited resources available at the Sports and Entertainment Summit. If you want to network and grow, this would have been a great opportunity for you! There are so many heart-wrenching, talented, and creative souls like us who believe in the spread of information. Young professionals and mentors gathered from everywhere to share their ideas. Opportunities like this are in reach just like the goals and aspirations that appear in your mind. If you’re interested in the Sports and Entertainment industry, there are some gems that you can take away from this article.

You must be willing to sacrifice and grind on a consistent basis. When young professionals from DC, Texas, LA, New York, and Atlanta came to take part in this amazing experience, they were sacrificing 72 hours of their time to build a solid foundation. In this electrifying environment, there were so many ideas and bits of information. There were a few qualities that you could learn from after being able to sit in front of these professionals from different industries. You can learn about composure, resiliency, and commitment to your craft and passion. Exchanging information and making connections will give us the opportunity to learn about different aspects moving forward. The time that you put into building your network and advancing your craft is up to you. How would you go about ensuring that your network grows?

Some took notes, others took photos but we all captured the moment. Topics ranging from: Passion to Work Balance grabbed my attention. How can we create room for these topics in our life? Think about how you can create room to eat in your life. It’s simple, you make time!

Serial Entrepreneur and founder of “CampusLately,” LaShawn Chambers manages to balance her work life as a civil engineer, writer, and media expert. Still, she has a passion to work with target demographics to get important news in front of students. Her key points and intriguing ideas led to great information that started the discussion from an amazing panel. After all, we must learn how to change what is happening around us to create more opportunities. It was hard to believe all this information was for free!

Visiting the Google Headquarters for the Summit Reception was an experience unlike any other. The president of Howard’s School of Business gave some great information while we listened to amazing tunes and enjoyed the wet campus. That’s right, Google Headquarters allows staff to drink alcohol on the premises. Still, it was encouraging to be around other young professionals in such an atmosphere. The atmosphere was relaxing and catered to the next generation of young minds like you and me. It was a great opportunity to utilize the environment and build with young professionals. Discussing trends in sports and music led to advice about being productive, staying consistent, and creating connections to build financial freedom.

It was amazing to be among so many young professionals this weekend was an amazing experience. Our aspirations and goals should continue to evolve as our economy changes. Sacrifices will have to be made if you want to reach your goals. The right knowledge and experience can help you land the right job opportunity. If you question your ability to complete any task or don’t know where to start. Look for events on your campus like the Sports and Entertainment Summit. It’s a good idea to stay prepared with resumes, cover letters, and business cards that reflect your interest. Resources and outlets like “CampusLately” are on your campus willing and excited to help you take that next step. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and inquire about how to build your future. When you’re eager to learn, you can walk into a conference or summit with questions and leave with solutions. See the possibilities and opportunities emerge from the different people that embrace your enthusiasm. It is time to use your insight, recreate your passion, and strive forward!


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