How To Make The Most Out Of Your Thanksgiving Break

It’s time for Thanksgiving break, 2017 edition. Aside from getting the chance to come together with your family and give thanks, this holiday also offers many college students a break from their hectic college lives. I know that most of us would love nothing more than to sleep this entire break.

However, if were being honest here, sleeping your break away is not the best way for you to use the time. Even though you may only have one week off from school, there is still a lot you can get accomplished during your time off!


While in college, your emails will more than likely become one of the most important aspects of your overall life. Even with that being said it’s still very natural for your inbox to become overwhelming at times, causing you to fall behind in sorting through it. The first Monday of your fall break take the time needed to thoroughly go through your email account. Respond to all the emails you have yet too, delete the trash, and send any emails you need too. Trust me, when classes pick back up you will be so happy you took the time to complete such a simple task.

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You know how all college students feel that finals just sneaks up on you? Welp, they don’t! Final exams literally take place around the same time every semester!!!

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The real reason why students feel that finals come out of nowhere is becasue they wait to the last minute to start preparing for them. During this break start organizing your notes from your classes. Also, you might even want to go ahead and start making study material for finals (at least for your hardest class). Doing this during the break, or starting the study process, will make you feel more at ease when finals roll around.


We all HATE the 5,000,000 questions we get from our family during the break. We want to relax not feel like we’re taking part in an interrogation.

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However, no matter how it may seem, your family is drowning you in questions because they miss you! Especially your parents! So, no matter how tempting it may be or what black twitter may say, hold off on the thanksgiving clap-backs! Instead, try to enjoy your family and the attention their giving you! And remember if you find yourself truly needing a break from your family’s version of 20 questions then saying “I have homework” should be able to get you a free pass to escape to your room.

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Remember how I told you to use the phrase “I have homework” as an excuse to leave the room when your need a break? Will there is a HUGE CHANCE that may actually be the truth, in which case… DO YOUR WORK!


Seriously be disciplined and take sometime during your break to finish any assignments that’s due upon first returning to school. The sooner you complete these assignments, the sooner you can get back to sleeping and eating


Yes, this break should be used to spend time with family and/or catch up on school. However, it’s also very important to give yourself some very much needed and desired me-time! Don’t allow your break to be all work and no play. Take some time to visit your at home friends, go for a walk, or just watch Netflix all day long. Whatever you decide to do, make it’s somethings that really relaxes you, brings you peace, and helps re-center your mind.

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