How To Approach Your Partner About Bad Sex

We definitely all have different needs and some people are just more compatible when it comes to sex, but when the sex becomes unbearable and dreadful it’s either you let your partner know or you continue to suffer in silence.

One of my friends asked me, “how many times would you take sex before you let your partner know it’s not popping anymore?”

My answer is right away. Who has time for bad sex? No, the relationship is not based solely on sex, but if you guys are constantly fighting and the sex is wack it’s like why stay? That’s a double no-no. If your partner is not pleasing you during sex then I say speak up. It can only get better from there, right?

There is definitely a proper and respectful way to reveal that to your partner and it’s all in the delivery. You can’t lead with your sex is wack and expect them to even feel slightly secure about having sex with you again.

The approach I advise is to throw out suggestions, try something new or just let them know what turns you on and what you like. Hopefully with your subtle approach, they’ll take what you’re saying into consideration and especially if they see how you react, that is to say, they’re doing it right. Everybody has had bad sex and majority of the time it’s usually the first time you have sex with the person. It’s all new. It’s like riding a bike with the training wheels again. You get nervous and think about things that don’t even matter, so your head isn’t fully in the game.

Who’s not guilty of that?

It’s life, but if you get past that first time and it doesn’t get any better then maybe you don’t want it to or maybe you’re not fully trying. I don’t believe that some people just flat out have wack sex it’s simply that people like different things. Some people are more happier with aggressive sex, while other may take a more passionate approach. We’re all different, but your partner should be willing to try things that you like and vice versa.

I say before you give up on the sex just try different things. Try to set the mood, light candles, play some music, add in some amazing foreplay and a massage and hopefully that will get it popping.


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My name is Miranda Brown. I am a proud Alumna of Tennessee State University class of 2016. I am from Franklin, TN a small town right outside of Nashville. I am very much so an introvert, but I do tend to sometimes come out of my shell as I'm known as the extra-dramatic friend. I love writing and blogging even more. My favorite quote is, "reality is wrong. dreams are real" - Tupac. I'm all about being positive and spreading good vibes.


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