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How should Teslaad drive? Chills, in a medium or firm manner?

The Tesla Self-Driving Assistant has been expanded with new, more powerful driving style features. It was pulled once last year, but is now available again.

The three new driving modes called cool, medium, and firm were first included in Tesla’s October update, but that update was quickly invalidated due to software issues.

For example, the assertive setup follows other cars closely and changes lanes often. It may not be advisable for a human driver to have such a driving style, but an engine safety expert says it might be safer for an automated system to be more powerful than a human, rather than being overly cautious. BBC.

The new ways of driving have been criticized by many on social media, questioning their safety, but Matthew Avery of Thatcham Research said autonomous systems could be more reliable because they eliminate human error.

According to him, it could be a net safety gain if a more determined driving style encourages more drivers to use the self-driving system rather than the overly cautious version.

“If we want to achieve large-scale automation, we need to meet the drivers’ need to make decisions that a human driver might make rather than using an overly cautious algorithm,” the expert said.

So far, there have been 12 accidents with the Teslák self-driving car, among them a fatal one. Organizers too The company has been warnedTo maximize the capabilities of the autopilot, and guide users to misuse. In addition, software updates are so common that it is difficult to know exactly when and what the system knows and what it does not know.

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It’s also important to note that Tesla’s self-driving system, despite its name, is more of a driving support system, as it is on the second level of the five-point scale for automated systems.

This means that Tesla owners should always be prepared to be in control of the vehicle at all times.

Passenger Play hasn’t been available in self-driving cars since December, allowing passengers (as well as drivers) to use Tesla’s touchscreen control panel They can even play while traveling.

Cover photo: Taun Stewart // Unsplash

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