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How rich is the Pope? How much is your monthly income?

How rich is the Pope?  How much is your monthly income?

When it emerged that Tebartz van Elst, the bishop of Limburg in Germany at the time, had spent huge amounts of money on his home, Pope Francis removed him from his position. The spendthrift bishop renovated his home for $43 million before leaving. The bronze window frames alone cost more than $2 million.

The head of the church explained that he does not look favorably on exposing Christian leaders.

“How I want a poor church for the poor!” He once said. He said that his “heart breaks” when he sees priests and nuns driving the latest models of cars.

But how much does the Pope himself earn? Officially, his salary is about 32 thousand dollars, which is equivalent to 11 million forints per month. However, according to Vatican sources, Pope Francis is not keeping a penny of all this. He donates the entire amount in part to the church itself.

Of course, this does not mean that he lives in extreme poverty, as he pays all his travel expenses, food purchases, and housing in the Vatican.

The Manor also foots the bill if the current pope wants to live for his hobby. secondly. For example, Janus Pahl loved to play sports, so shortly after his consecration he built a swimming pool in the popes' summer residence at Castel Gandolfo.

In addition, there is also a frame called Péterfillér. It consists of donations made by the Catholic faithful to the Pope. However, the Holy See uses Péterfiller for charitable purposes.

The head of the church decides who will receive the combined millions. On one occasion, for example, Pope Francis gave $500,000, or 178 million forints, from the Peterviller Foundation to help approximately 75,000 Mexicans.

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But sometimes, the Holy See receives very surprising donations. Once, a believer presented Pope Francis with a luxury Lamborghini Huracan. The expensive four-wheeler was later sold at auction by a Canadian company for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Vatican has recently taken several steps to make its finances more transparent. To this end, Pope Francis instituted comprehensive reforms in 2013, after his accession to the throne of Saint Peter.

The Vatican now regularly publishes annual financial reports, in which it does not reveal all the details, but rather provides general information about its operations, investments, and expenditures.

He also owns a multi-million dollar villa

The holder of the papal title also owns several properties and movables. The total value of these is usually estimated at $16 million. Although the exact number is not known, many numbers are being circulated in the world press because of this. There are estimates of his wealth at $25 million.

Among other things, Pope Francis also owns a villa in Frascati, Italy.

The value of this property is $5.1 million, or 1,700 million Hungarian forints. The gaudy fairytale house is the Pope's most prized possession.

In addition, the head of the church owns a two-room apartment in the Vatican, which serves as his primary residence.

In addition, he also has homes in Umbria, Tuscany, Sicily, Rome, etc.

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