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How much will this year’s F1 races cost?

How much will this year’s F1 races cost?


Friday, February 10, 2023 09:24

According to press information, the Hungarian Grand Prix may be the most expensive European race in F1: here is the full list of races in 2023.

the track it down, how much does a venue pay to host a Formula 1 Grand Prix, because in recent years the sites of many legendary tracks have been compromised in the racing calendar for similar reasons. The portal writes that its own sources include the promoters of individual races, the Formula 1 administration itself, and the 10 Formula 1 teams, on the basis of which it compiled the supposed list.

On this list, according to information gathered by RacingNews365, Paco pays over $57 million, but Saudi Arabia and Qatar also hit the podium with $55 million each. The amount of Miami and Las Vegas is not included, but Bahrain also exceeds 50 million, and Abu Dhabi also avoids 40 million.

In this list, the portal states no less than the ownership of the Hungarian Grand Prix is ​​$40 million, which makes the race in Mogyorod the most expensive European race at the moment and, in general, ranks right behind the top.

Figures from RacingNews365:

Country Kings in Dollars

Bahrain 52 million

Saudi Arabia 55 million

Australia 37 million

Azerbaijan 57 million

USA/Miami Co

Imola 21 million

Monaco 20 million

Spain 25 million

Canada 32 million

Austria 25 million

UK 26 million

Hungary 40 million

Belgium 22 million

Netherlands 32 million

Monza 25 million

Singapore 35 million

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Japan 25 million

Qatar 55 million

USA/Austin 30 million

Mexico 30 million

Brazil 25 million

USA/Las Vegas in collaboration

Abu Dhabi 42 million

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