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How much basic income has gone missing in a US city has been revealed

How much basic income has gone missing in a US city has been revealed

In the spirit of combating poverty and housing insecurity Austin, Texas launched the Austin Guaranteed Income Pilot in May 2022. This program is considered pioneering at the state level Up to $1,000 per month is provided to 135 low-income families Enter. The City of Austin funded the trial for 85 families, while the remaining 50 families were supported through donations.

Although the program ends in August 2023, its impact was highlighted in a recent study by the Urban Institute. The company, which is headquartered in Washington, DC, reported this Participants spent more than half of the amount they received mainly on housing expenses. The study found that after one year, participants experienced significant increases in housing security, compared to other low-income Texans who saw only modest improvements. The program has proven this as well Effectively increase food security Among the beneficiaries.

Despite Austin's pioneering efforts and positive results of the basic income program There is controversy among Texas lawmakers over these initiatives. In a recent letter to the attorney general, Sen. Paul Bettencourt attacked a similar program launched in Harris County earlier this month, questioning its constitutionality. This new program in Houston offers up to $500 a month to low-income residents.

Austin and Houston are not alone in their basic income solutions; Many American cities are testing similar projects. Which aims to support vulnerable populations and address homelessness.

  • a Baltimore-I For example, the Young Families Success Fund provides young mothers up to $1,000 per month.
  • Denver It has also seen promising results through the Basic Income Initiative, which provides up to $1,000 a month in grants to individuals and has been expanded due to success in improving housing stability for participants.
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