How does Company of Heroes 3 work with a console?

Real-time strategies still aren’t very comfortable on consoles, which is why it can be an extra challenge for a studio if they try. the entertainment remains So do the PCs released in February Company of Heroes 3which is expected to be released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S at the end of the month.

The latest trailer for the game specifically revolves around the question of how the controls work with the controller. Of course, you have to consider completely different solutions compared to a keyboard and mouse pair. Therefore, the user interface and management have been completely rethought, as well as the customization of commands from the ground up.

Among the new functions is the steering wheel, which is a control dial that can be called up by pressing a button, and where you can issue commands to the units using the analog stick. You can already hear about the full tactical pause option, which also makes life easier for console gamers. You can stop at any time to scan the battlefield and issue orders to each unit individually. We can maintain control in such a way that we don’t miss the amazing action.

In Company of Heroes 3 we get two campaigns, one that takes place on the North African battlefield and you control the German army, and the other on the Italian front, where the great innovation of the episode, the turn-based strategic map, also appears. Here, led by English and American forces, we can push the German army north, while occasionally having to aid local resistance as well.

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