How do you choose ground coffee?

Correct grinding size

There are dozens of ways to extract coffee (to brew coffee). You are most likely familiar with a bean or capsule machine, or even a filter coffee machine or an Italian coffee maker… All of these coffee brewing methods require coffee grounds of different sizes. So it is important to know what size of grind you should use for the method(s) you use daily.

And yes, improper grinding does not extract all the flavors and flavors of coffee under the best conditions. You risk losing many aspects of taste.

Ground coffee for filter coffee machine

Ground coffee for filter coffee machines can be found everywhere! It’s really not rocket science, if you go to any grocery store you’ll find it. Be warned, the big brands don’t necessarily offer fresh, high-quality coffee. We’ll see more about how and where to choose your coffee.

The ground coffee for a filter coffee machine is a medium-sized grind. Grinding isn’t as good as making espresso, but it’s better than making coffee with a French press, for example.

Ground coffee for espresso machine 

There, and as with the following extraction methods, it is not easy to find the right grind in the store. In fact, most of the time, you will need to supply yourself straight from the roaster or in special stores (physical or online) that can grind coffee to the right size.

The espresso grind should be really fine so that the water has time to absorb the oils from the ground coffee. In fact, as the name suggests, espresso is produced quickly. Water passes through it very quickly. So if the grind used is coarse, the water won’t absorb the coffee well and it won’t really taste like it.

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Optimized storage with the seller

Speaking of storage, I urge you to pay attention to how you store the ground coffee you buy. If it was already bought when you bought it, that would be even more important.

If you don’t have access to on-demand ground coffee, you have no other options but to buy pre-ground coffee (or turn to online stores). So, if you buy pre-ground coffee, be sure to put it in a suitable box or bag, which prevents contact with air.

Pay attention to the roasting time

As for when to roast, know that it is generally a good idea to have coffee that has been roasted between 10 days and 6 weeks after roasting.

If you consumed roasted coffee yesterday, you may unfortunately not be satisfied with the coffee because it will not have time to discharge all the gas generated during cooking.

If, on the contrary (and this is the case with many store-bought coffees), the ground coffee you buy has been roasted for several months, you again risk being disappointed .

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