How do we know that our phone has been hacked?

UK internet experts have uncovered signs that your iPhone or Android device has been hacked. According to the National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC), there are five major warning signs to watch out for In compilation.

the first Is that you can not login to your accounts. This is often one of the first signs of a hacker attack. Once you notice this, try changing your passwords.

the second Detect changes in security settings. This may not be obvious, so we need to check regularly to make sure we know them as well as possible.

the third Is that you notice messages or notifications sent from your account that you did not send. Friends or family may alert you to this flag if they detect suspicious texts.

Search for logins (or login attempts) from strange places or at unusual times. Apps (including Facebook) often allow you to view this information in their settings.

Be very careful For unauthorized money transfers and purchases from your online accounts. This could mean hackers got your bank card details! In such cases, immediate action must be taken and the card blocked.

One of the first signs of a hacker attack is that you are unable to log into your account.

So if you suspect your account has been hacked, change your passwords and log out everywhere! Make sure you have two-step verification set up, so you’ll need a text message or code to log in. Make sure all your devices are up to date!

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