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How can one become an EP representative from an EP list? Who can go out to Brussels anyway?

How can one become an EP representative from an EP list?  Who can go out to Brussels anyway?

In one of the two elections held on 9 June, we will elect representatives to the European Union Parliament. Parties that have collected the required 20,000 signatures from voters can compile so-called electoral lists. But if they are elected, where will the representatives of that particular list go? Where will they work? How will there be 21 actors from the roster?

There are 21 Hungarian representatives and 96 German representatives. Why? Just like Hungary, the European Union also has its own parliament, which is officially located in Strasbourg, but many meetings are also held in Brussels. The 27 member states send representatives to this Parliament roughly in proportion to their populations, although smaller member states can send representatives more favorably: Hungary with 9.9 million, 21, Germany with 83 million, for example, 96. The 27 member states already have a total of 720 representatives, and their mandate lasts for 5 years.

The majority of elected representatives are members of the main parties active in the European Parliament, for example, MEPs from DK are in the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (S&D), and temporary members of Renew Europe. Fidesz representatives are currently running as independents because they left the European People's Party in 2021.

How do you calculate the number of representatives that each party's list can include? The number 21, which was determined on the basis of population, is the result of a relative tie. This means that the number of elected members from each party depends on the percentage of votes obtained by the party. However, an important condition is that parties that reach the required 5% in the election, i.e. obtain more than 5% of the total valid votes, can obtain the mandate.

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The Hungarian system is so-called “closed list”, which means that candidates from the list get their seats in the order determined by the party. Of course, if someone is first on the list and gets a mandate, but still does not want to work in the European Parliament, he can resign from his place, and the next person on the list will automatically take his place.

What is the width in the house? Who was able to submit the list? entirely 11 Hungarian parties I collected the necessary signatures for the list. The parties will appear on the ballot paper as follows:

  1. Solution movement (MEMO), Their listLed by Dr. Victor Huzar, which includes 7 actors.
  2. LMP-Greens, and their list leader Peter Ungar, the party's parliamentary representative, in total 14 on the list.
  3. The DK-MSZP-Párbeszéd list is headed by Klara Dobrev, the party's current representative in the European Parliament. In this list A total of 61 were included.
  4. Gabor Vona's party, during the Second Reform (2RK), Their list Led by Vona himself, they have 23 candidates.
  5. People's Party for a Hungary for All, led by Peter Markzej, all of them With 8 reps They run for elections.
  6. The list of Momentum Movement is headed by Anna Donath, and its number is 30 people is on the list.
  7. At the head of the Fidesz-KDP list is Tamas Deutsch, Their candidates There are 63 in total.
  8. The leader of the Jobbik list is Peter Rona, the party as a whole With 16 candidates He is running for the European Parliament elections.
  9. The independent list of the TISA party is headed by Peter Magyar, and the list includes 12 candidates On their list.
  10. The list leader of the Hungarian Dog-Tailed Party is overall Lou Marita With 9 candidates They go to elections.
  11. The leader of the Mi Hazanek list is the party's president, László Toroczkai, and they, like Fidesz, have 63 people on the list. On their list.
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However, not all the list leaders will go to work in the EU, for example, Peter Magyar has already indicated that he will definitely continue in Hungary until 2026. By the way, not only the name of the party, but also the four candidates following the list leaders are listed in the papers Polling to help the voter.

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