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How are the FIA ​​Continental Championships?  – Asia and Oceania (APRC)
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How are the FIA ​​Continental Championships? – Asia and Oceania (APRC)

The Asia and Oceania Rally Championship (APRC) only ends at the end of November with the grand final in Indonesia, but Hayden Paddon has already won the Oceania Cup, while the Asia Cup is not yet halfway through the season.

This year, the APRC Championship will be decided by a battle of the best between the two regions in November in Indonesia. The two regions are the Asia and Oceania Cups, which consist of five and three competitions.

The Oceania Cup began with the Tsumagwe Rally in Japan, followed by the Otago Rally in New Zealand and the Whangarei Rally.

And in this Cup, the battle is already over, as Hayden Paddon and John Kennard won both home races with the Hyundai i20 N Rally2, and therefore the Cup as well, while Takuma Kamada and Yuichi Matsumoto managed to win the Japanese race with the Subaru WRX STI.

However, there are five competitions in the Asia Cup, and only two have been held so far.

The Cup also began with the Tsumagoi Rally, followed by the South India Rally, which was won by local competitors Gaurav Gill and Aniruddh Rangnekar with a Subaru Impreza STI N14. While Kamada, who won in Japan, did not start.

As a result, this trophy is still fully open, in the remaining Indonesian Danao Tuba Rally, the Chinese Longyu Rally, as well as the second Danau Tuba Rally, which will be the APRC grand finale, anyone can still win the championship title. .

The FIA ​​region, as well as Australia and New Zealand, can nominate 5 competitors each for the Grand Final in November, while the entire field consists of one competitor nominated by the various national federations in the region. The APRC Championship title and absolute category titles are won by the best finishers in the Indonesian finals.

Last year Hayden Baddon and John Kennard won the main tournament.

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