Houses were also shaken by an American meteorite explosion

Many videos have been shot of this amazing phenomenon.

An absolutely stunning green meteor was observed over Oklahoma on Friday, local time, in the wee hours, according to reports. Business interested. The event was filmed by many witnesses and cameras.

Many even reported a sonic boom.

the Fox 23 Several people reported that their homes shook as the object was destroyed.

Mike Collier The meteorologist posted a video of several recordings on his social media page. The sound of a meteor explosion could also be heard clearly on this one.

The American National Weather Service An organization in Tulsa says it has received many reports. Based on satellite data, the object is blinking over Wagner County.

The Oklahoma object was called a fireball, a class of meteors reaching or exceeding the visible brightness of Venus. If the fireball also causes a sonic blast, it is already called a bolide.

Many meteorites fall into the atmosphere of our planet every day, but most of them are destroyed in very small and uninhabited areas, such as the ocean, or they arrive during the day, so only a small part of them can be observed. Documentation of spectacular and tumultuous objects similar to those currently in existence is relatively rare.

(Our featured image is an illustration.)

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