Hot New Music For Your Summer17 Playlist

Of all the things to look forward to in the summer time—great food, poppin’ skin, and a break from school just to name a few—music usually takes center stage. If it’s not an upcoming festival, or a fan-favorite headlining for their world tour, artists usually reserve the warmer months to drop their latest creations. And this past week has been especially hot for new music that is undoubtedly headed toward the top of the charts. Just within a few days, heavy hitters Gucci Mane, Bryson Tiller, and the artist everyone loves to hate Lil Yachty have all released their latest projects for public consumption.

The trap pioneer himself Gucci Mane blessed the streets with Droptopwop. The album is in collaboration the industry’s hottest young producer MetroBoomin, and boasts feature from the likes of 2 Chainz, Offset of Migos, Rick Ross, and A$AP Rocky.

As versatile as his lists of features may be, his songs do not stray far from his Atlanta roots. In his hand-written tracklist posted on Instagram @laflare107, which was teased before the drop of his album, he said “May 26 last year I walked outta prison! May 26 this year I’m dropping #DropTopWop”. I can’t think of a better way to flex on the naysayers.

Following close beyond the King of 1017 is one of R&B newest heavy hitters, who made himself a household name with his breakout single “Don’t”. You couldn’t avoid crooning along to his sappy lyrics and R&B melodies in his 2015 debut album T R A P S O U L, and he had a lot to live up to with his sophomore release. And thus far, with two songs taking the #7, #8, and #9 spots on the Apple Music top charts, it seems to be met with great review.

Not to mention his video for the song “Somethin Tells Me”, which is brimming with beautiful black women flaunting their summertimefine in the sun. So much for being strong and independent all summer ’17. We’re feeling all the feels.


And saving the best, or rather the most controversial for last, Lil Yachty allowed fans to partake in his latest project Teenage Emotions. Aside from Migos, whose reigns seems unstoppable, Yachty decided to include more unconventional artists for his features, those of which stray from the stereotypical “rap” genre.

He even garned some attention on Twitter for allegedly throwing shade at HBCU Alabama State University. But that, of course is up for debate. Hip-Hop purists have argued that Yachty is one of many abominations to the genre, and thus Lil Boat has been the topic of conversation and debate in many a podcast and radio morning show. Lest we forget his debacle with Joe Budden? But all of this has not been in vain, as the attention has scored him endorsements from Target, Sprite, Urban Outfitters, and Nautica.

Perhaps it is the cherry-red braids, complete with neatly beaded ends, or rather it is the bubblegum beats and unique voice that make his music and position in the industry create cause for such a divide. Nonetheless,
Yachty has always remained true to himself, and his pursuit of having fun in all of his endeavors, and this is reflected in his collection. He was quoted in a Genius video interview stating that his album “…caters to a teenager’s everyday lifestyle—heartbreak, happiness, that vibe when you waking up in the morning getting dressed and you just wanna dance.” And dance away we shall, Lil Boat.


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