Horror Origami roguelite - Paper Cut Mansion received a gameplay tutorial

Horror Origami roguelite – Paper Cut Mansion received a gameplay tutorial


An eerie castle full of even more bizarre characters and puzzles awaits solving.

15/4/2020 22:30 | Gerge | Category: game

How good would a game be space lizard studio Made in a witch’s kitchen Paper Cut PalaceIt would be hard to guess now. On the other hand, this one really comes from the gameplay tutorial below so you can be proud of your style. The thunderous The protagonist of the game, directed by the publisher, is Toby, a detective who arrives at the gates of a strange castle one evening. The castle is surrounded by dark secrets and mysteries, and Toby thought of solving them. We will help you with that.

Paper Cut Palace, as its title suggests, represents a very unique style, in which it appears as if the characters, landmarks and all corners of the castle in general have been cut out of paper. This game gives a very unique character, including the appearance of Toby and the inhabitants of the castle.

The demo of the gameplay shows that we are going to explore the three levels of the castle from room to room. In these, we will sometimes encounter enemy characters and sometimes helpers. It is clear that we have to overcome the former, but we get useful information or new tasks to solve.

Since Paper Cut Mansion is going to be a roguelite, we guarantee we’ll fail multiple times and have to jump to levels again. Each time we get new abilities that take Toby’s character in a different direction, we can collect more clues in our clue panel.

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Paper Cut Mansion promises to be a very promising horror adventure set to arrive sometime this year. It is in development for PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. ■

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